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The Clubhouse

The Hotel Kieler Yacht Club is one of the most venerable houses in the city of Kiel. It has always been closely associated with the sport of sailing. Surviving relics of the early days of the Imperial Yacht Club can still be found at the hotel.

The Imperial Yacht Club - originally the “Naval Regatta Association” - was founded in 1887 by officers of the Imperial Navy in the building of the Kiel Naval Academy. Four years later Kaiser Wilhelm II granted his approval for the Naval Regatta Association to be renamed the “Imperial Yacht Club” and declared himself its commodore.

Towards the end of the century the Kiel Yacht Club had to seek new premises when the navy needed space for expansion. Friedrich Krupp invited the KYC to build a clubhouse on his land on Hindenburgufer. By 1900 the building was completed and the KYC moved in.

Following the complete destruction of the clubhouse in World War I, a new building was erected in 1926 on the foundations of the old machine house - the current Hotel Kieler Yacht Club which continues to house the Kiel Yacht Club to this day.

After World War II the house was lavishly rebuilt in the early 1950s. It was first used as a hotel in 1954.

Over the next few years the hotel’s 17 guestrooms were expanded and modernized. At the end of the 1960s, when Kiel was chosen as a venue for the Olympic Games, it was decided to build an extension - the Olympic Wing - with 30 guestrooms and an à la carte restaurant overlooking the Kiel Fjord. In 1972 the Spanish King Juan Carlos, Greece’s former King Constantine and King Carl Gustav of Sweden stayed at the Hotel Kieler Yacht Club when they came to watch the Olympic Games.

After the hotel was taken over by ThyssenKrupp AG in July 2007, a decision was taken at the end of 2008 to demolish the Olympic Wing and lavishly refurbish the old section of the building.

Today the Hotel Kieler Yacht Club has 21 rooms and suites. The former function rooms including “Kaiser’s Hall” and “Commodore’s Hall” have been restored to their former glory. Offering an exceptional combination of style and function, they are among the most historical banqueting halls in the city.

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