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blueribboncup 2021

Welcome to the blueribboncup!

The blueribboncup (BRC) is the long distance regatta of the Kiel Yacht Club and takes place annually in mid-August. It is traditionally sailed from Kiel to Copenhagen and back!

In the year of the Corona Pandemic 2020 the regatta took place for the first time as a non-stop regatta around Fynen - a great success!

The BRC 2021 will take place from August 18 to 22. All ORC-International measured yachts and ORC-Club yachts can participate.

At this point we provide you with all further important information. #staytuned

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact our regatta secretariat at +49 431 85023 or regatta[at]

Time Schedule

Wednesday 18 August, 2021

  • 15.30 hrs.: Skipper’s meeting virtually, link will be distributed by the organizers 
  • 17.00 hrs.: 1st start in front of the yacht harbour Kiel-Düsternbrook

Friday 20 August, 2021

  • 19.00 hrs.: BBQ-Party at Hellerup Sejlklub - buy your tickets online
  • 19.00 hrs.: KDY-Trophy prize giving ceremony at Hellerup Sejlklub

Saturday 21 August, 2021

  • 10.00 hrs.: 1st start in front of Tuborg Havn

Sunday 22 August, 2021

  • 17.00 hrs.: KYC-Trophy prize giving ceremony at KYC-Clubhouse, Strande

blueribboncup connects Kiel and Copenhagen again

The organizers and athletes are extremely happy. After last year's special blueribboncup with the non-stop route around Fyn, in 2021 it will be back around Zealand with a stopover in Copenhagen. From August 18 to 22, the two long distances are scheduled on the Bay of Kiel, the Great Belt, the Kattegat and through the Öresund. "We are extremely happy to get the chance to sail to Copenhagen again and spend a day together there before heading back towards Kiel on Saturday," says initiator and head of organization H.-Eckhard von der Mosel. In contrast to last year, the co-organizers of the Kongelig Dansk Yachtklub in Denmark are also optimistic that the incidence rates will allow the 22nd blueribboncup in the 24th year in the usual format.

Demand is high despite the tight regatta calendar in the second half of the year. This is shown not least by the numerous calls to the Kiel Yacht Club and the organizers. "We expect constant entrys and the common participants," says von der Mosel.

One who will definitely be back at the start is Jan Meincke, who has been with the blueribboncup from the beginning. "Round Zealand is always a challenge, and Copenhagen is always worth a trip," said Meincke (Möltenorter Segelkameradschaft). "We are thrilled to be going to Copenhagen again and are looking forward to the real blueribboncup," said the X-46 skipper, who has participated in the event 20 times and only skipped course round Fyn last year.

The start in Kiel will take place on Wednesday, August 18, at 5 p.m. in front of the Kieler Yacht-Club in Kiel-Düsternbrook. The race will continue from there along the coast between Langeland and Lolland, past Kerteminde and Rösnäs, Yderflak and Hesselö, through the Öresund, past Helsingör (Denmark) and Helsingborg (Sweden) to Copenhagen.

Before going to the starting line, the audience on shore can watch a traditional ceremony from the first row: Wearing life jackets, the entire crew has to say goodbye standing at the railing. "We take a photo of each crew then and therefore we know that all Man are on board. This ceremony is also called "Eckis Kiel Gate", and there are probably two people who named it: Eckhard von der Mosel and race officer Eckart Reinke (Kieler Yacht-Club).

There are also well-known blueribboncup rituals in Copenhagen. For example, upon arrival in Tuborg Havn north of Copenhagen, participants are greeted with a welcome beer by the crew of Kieler Yacht-Club. On Friday, the rest day begins with breakfast service with fresh rolls and Danish delicacies from the sponsor May & Olde. After that, there will be plenty of time for the active participants to rest, clear up on the yachts as well as sightseeing in the Danish capital. Afterwards, the winners of the first leg will be honored at Hellerup Sejlklub, while the sailors can look back on the experiences of the first leg at a joint BBQ. After the rest day in Copenhagen, the starting signal for the second leg will be given on Saturday at 10 am.

The registration portal was opened only on June 02, after the pandemic reopening plan in Schleswig-Holstein was announced. "Until then, of course, we planned on two tracks and also have to be flexible until the start. But it looks good, significantly better than 2020," said Sven Christensen of the agency Point of Sailing Marketing, who supports von der Mosel. The ultimate goal is and remains the health of the active and guests, so that compliance with hygiene regulations has priority, according to the organizers. 

The blueribboncup is aimed at ORC club yachts, ORCi yachts and doublehanded crews with a CDL of 8.101 (or higher). For this purpose, as in the previous year, the Dehler 30 one design is also announced as a onedesign class. The onedesign class has again included the blueribboncup 2021 as a permanent event in the regatta calendar. 

 "Of course, we are pleased that the regatta will again take place in its original format. Corona-related events are crowding into the second half of the year, but we are confident that we can come up with at least the same number of participants as in 2020, i.e. five boats, and last year's winner Oliver Schmidt-Rybandt," says class boss Uwe Barthel (Segler-Club Dümmer), who will be there just like Kalle Dehler himself. The onedesign class is booming, which was also shown by the registration result of 12 Dehler 30od at the cancelled Baltic 500.

Until 01 August the Entry Fee is 200,- EUR (DH), 300,- EUR (ORC Full-Crew) and 250,- EUR Dehler 30 one design. After that it will increase by 50,- EUR each. 

Entry , NoR

Perpetual Trophys

  • KDY-Trophy for the best yacht in ORC in the race Kiel-Copenhagen.
  • The Steuermannspreis of 1970 for the first yacht home in the race Kiel-Copenhagen
  • KYC-Trophy for the best yacht in ORC in the race Copenhagen-Kiel.
  • The R.T. Dixon Challenge Cup donated to the Kaiserlicher Yacht Club 1912 for the best ORC Yacht overall (calculated time of both races will be added).
  • The Carl-Grage-Gedächtnispreis of 1957 for the first yacht home (without scoring) (sailing time of both races will be added).
  • Zukunft-Preis der Jugend. Donated by KYC members Patrick Schmidt and Johannes Hoppe in 2018. Awarded from KYC to the fastest boat crewed only (except for skipper and coach) with sailors aged 28 or younger at the starting date. Calculated times of both races will be added. 


blueribboncup 2020: The intended long distance in a completely different way

The approval is great, the demand as well. "When will you start the 2020 blueribboncup?" Eckhard von der Mosel, initiator and together with Sven Christensen from the agency Point of Sailing Organizer, was under a lot of pressure. Many faithful participants of the blueribboncup, which will be held for the 21st time this year, pushed. Now the blueribboncup is ready and it can be announced at short notice.

The date remains similar, but shortened, the course is new, because flexibility is required in times of the Corona pandemic. "We have found a format that is sporty, varied and simply different," says a delighted Eckhard von der Mosel.

The blueribboncup 2020 will take place from Friday, 21 August, to Sunday, 23 August, and will run from Kiel around Funen back to Kiel. The start is on Friday at 10 am in front of the Kieler Yacht-Club in Kiel-Düsternbrook. From there, the trip will take us around Fünen, via the checkpoints there, back to the capital of Schleswig-Holstein. On Saturday, the fastest participants are expected to return after the approximately 200 nm long course from the afternoon. A get-together and the award ceremony in Düsternbrook, presumably divided into starting groups, is still being organised for Sunday morning. The entry fee has been adjusted, whereby the mooring fees from Thursday to Friday and Saturday to Sunday are included in the price, according to the organisers. The helmsman's meeting is scheduled for 8.30 a.m. on Friday in Düsternbrook. At this meeting, only the current course (left or right around Funen) will be announced.

Before the start line is reached, the audience on land will be able to watch a traditional ceremony from the front row: The entire crew has to say goodbye standing at the railing with life jackets on. "We will then take a photo of each crew and thus know that everyone is on board. This ceremony is also called "Eckis Kiel Gate", although there are probably two names for it: Eckhard von der Mosel and race director Eckart Reinke (Kiel Yacht-Club).

"The more I think about this solution, the more I look forward to this event", said von der Mosel, who had thought of and planned numerous variations in advance. But all attempts and approaches with overnight stays in Denmark, in the meantime even in Sweden, were rejected. The top priority is the health of the athletes and guests, so that the adherence to the hygiene regulations has priority, according to the organizers. 

The blueribboncup is aimed at seagoing ORC club yachts and double hand crews with a CDL of 8.1 (or higher). One of the first entries was Christian Rönsch, who last year finished third with his J-111 "Piranha" in the group ORC A on the way to Copenhagen. Also the "Intermezzo" (Schulz/Bläsi/Blankeneser Segel-Club/Match 42) and "Sunbird" (Drücker/Verein Bremer Segelfreunde/BM 53) are repeat offenders in the groups of the full crews. 

Hanna and Martin Görge (Kieler Yacht-Club) and their "Hunky Dory" are treating themselves to a special kind of family outing. Freely named after David Bowie's album, they will enjoy the regatta, because the name of the ship promises: In best order.

At Doublehand, Carl Rasmus Richardsen/Lena Fetting (Flensburg/Münster) were the first to register even before the new course was announced. With their MaxiFun 35, the mix crew for the Missunder Yacht Club will start. In the Dehler 30od class Matthias Sator from Offenbach won the race for first place in the entry list with his "Crasyboat". The Dehler 30od is rightly hoping for Olympic status in the mixed doublehand offshore class. "We hope for a corresponding number of entries," says Sven Christensen. The Dehler 30od will also be announced as a standard class during Kiel Week. The active German class association is planning its first German Open in September as part of Kieler Woche. In 2024 this new Olympic discipline will start in France for the first time and sail for Olympic medals. Maybe in the Dehler 30od. (hel)

The facts: 

  • blueribboncup 2020: Kiel - around Funen - Kiel, around 200 nautical miles
  • Start on Friday, 21 August, at 10 am in front of the KYC Düsternbrook. Checkpoints on the way around Fünen.  Finish also before KYC Düsternbrook.
  • Skippers meeting at 8.30 am in front of KYC. There determination of the course (right or left around Funen).
  • Return in the course of Saturday afternoon/evening. Get-Together and award ceremony in Düsternbrook will still be organised for Sunday morning, possibly separated into starting groups.
  • The entry fee has been reduced, is now € 190 until 01 August 2020 for all classes, thereafter € 250. berth fees for the night 20/21 August and 22/23 August 2020 in Düsternbrook are included.

Eternal wandering prices (There will be an intermediate gate for the classification):

  • KDY-Trophy for the best boat according to ORC of the race to the intermediate gate, helmsman's prize from 1970 for the first yacht at the finish, intermediate gate.
  • KYC-Trophy for the best boat after ORC of the race up to the intermediate gate.
  • R.T. Dixon Challenge Cup for the Kaiserlicher Yacht Club 1912 for the best boat to ORC over all (the calculated times of the two races to the intermediate gate and back are added).
  • Carl Grage Memorial Prize of 1957 for the first boat at the finish line (the sailed times of the two races up to the intermediate gate and back are added).
  • Zukunft-Preis ther Jugend, donated in 2018 by Patrick Schmidt and Johannes Hoppe, given via the KYC for the fastest boat by calculated time whose crew (except the skipper/coach) is 28 years or younger on the day of the start. Both races of the blueribboncup will be judged (calculated times of both races to intermediate gate and back will be added).